10 interesting facts about elephent

10 interesting facts about elephent

1. Elephants are the world’s largest land animals

and can weigh up to two hundred eighty five pounds

2. Male elephants have ivory tusks that can grow up to forty inches long (102 cm)

and female elephants have smaller tusks that often only grow to about twenty inch (50 cm)

3. Elephants are very social animals, and live in groups of up to thirty five members.

4. Female elephants have maternity colonies where they give birth to their young

5. Elephants spend around twenty four hours a day eating, drinking,

6. Elephants use their trunks not only as hands but also as powerful tools to dig for roots and foliage, reach high branches

7. Elephants can live up to sixty years in captivity, but the average lifespan in the wild is around fifty eight years.

8. Elephants are able to vocalize several different kinds of sounds, including low bellows that serve as alerts or communications

9.Elephants were first domesticated by the Egyptians some four thousand years ago

10. Elephants are currently being threatened by the illegal ivory trade