‘Is that not a little weird?’: A woman got a text from her friend’s father asking to get drinks.

TikTokers want her to tell her friend

Navigating romantic relationships can be difficult

According to her TikTok video, this is exactly what happened to Amber Pozzi (@amberpozzii)

She uploaded a video with the caption, "I'm really really scared,"

and tells the story of how she received a text from her friend's father during odd hours of the night.

Text overlay reads: "My friend's dad is sending me strange messages at night,"

as Amber shakes her head saying, "No, nope, I'm turning the light on for this," as she sits up in bed.

She continues, "It's literally almost midnight. Just look at the text I just received from my friend's dad.

She stresses, "he must be 58, no judging."

She goes on to say, "Is that not like a little weird at this time of night? In general!"

Amber then decides to make an executive decision and stop texting her friend's father.

She says, "I'm cutting it there I'm not responding. Like....what did he want me to say to that?"