A Beta version of the upcoming Android 13 was released to a handful of Pixel devices

which showcased some of the new functionalities and features that are coming to the OS.

Users who were expecting some major changes will be a little disappointed.

The changes and tweaks are mainly geared to provide quality-of-life additions to last year's massive Android 12 overhaul

The new media notification now has a unique playback bar

A new screenshot-like menu with all the options for a clipboard will now start popping up in the bottom-left corner of your display

The display section in the Settings app now, allows you to remove the need to unlock your phone to control your smart-devices home

The Pixel launcher search bar now has reverted to an older version, in which it was just using the Google widget.

The overhauled Material You UI relies heavily on your wallpaper to set up a theme for your phone

There are several minor tweaks to the UI that enhance the user experience by a mile.