While the motor and overall positioning of the new Heckler is the same as the V1 e-Heckler

– Larger 720Wh battery – Shimano EP8 motor. – 29x27.5 or 29x29 wheels for most sizes, with dedicated chainstay lengths.

– Smallest size rolls on two 27.5 wheels – Lower-grade C carbon frame was added to the offerings and used on all but the highest-end build.

The biggest is the new 720Wh battery, which offers a significant ride time bump from the V1’s 504Wh battery.

Larger too are the wheels. V1 was either 27.5” front and rear, or a mixed bike (29” front, 27.5” rear).

The most significant geometry change is the addition of a flip-chip to the V2 Heckler.

But as you’ll see, the chip makes small changes to the geometry, while also influencing the suspension.

While the V1 e-Heckler came only in Santa Cruz’s most-premium CC grade carbon, V2 gets a C grade carbon frame as well.

V1 Heckler CC’s opening price point was $7,699. V2 Hecklers with the C frame start at $8,199

The Heckler is the first e-mountain bike I’ve been on that came somewhat close to the bike reviewer’s