Bob Myers gives impassioned defense of Steph Curry: 'It's so sad we have to defend him'

For as illustrious of a career as Steph Curry has had

an NBA Finals MVP honor has eluded him.

And despite his impressive career resume

which includes dozens of honors from All-Star appearances to All-NBA teams

he continues to face criticism.

Perhaps it’s fair to some degree if you squint

but it’s obviously indisputable that Curry has had a profound impact on the Warriors’ run of success.

“It’s so sad we have to defend him,” Myers said. “He’s a made man.

Forget about this final, it’s already been done.

He’s already done it, he’s already proven it

I don’t know what he has to continue to prove.

That stat, I heard that, I read that, it’s tremendous, but why is that eye-opening?

Why can’t that just be ‘Oh yeah, he is as good as those guys.’ It’s almost like ‘Oh my gosh

I didn’t know Steph averaged those kinds of numbers.’

Well what are you watching? What are you looking at?

This is his sixth finals in eight years, have we not watched him?

Have we not watched him over the regular season?