Fox News is going out of its way to defend Tucker Carlson as criticism grows over his promotion of white supremacist rhetoric

– Fox News' media show host defended Tucker Carlson following the Buffalo mass shooting last week.

– It's the latest example of Fox taking an approach to defend Carlson by name, not just the network.

– Carlson has a documented history of echoing white supremacist rhetoric and conspiracy theories.

Fox News weekend host Howard Kurtz dedicated a segment on his Sunday show to defending colleague Tucker Carlson

marking the latest example of the network taking a top-down approach to backing its primetime star.

The New York Times recently analyzed 1,150 episodes of "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

Its assessment included an April 2021 segment where Carlson closely mirrored the racist theory and baselessly alleged

that Democrats and the nation's elites have been intentionally bringing in "more obedient voters

from the third world" to "replace" the current US electorate, which was 70.9% white in 2020.