Golf World Reacts To Stunning Dustin Johnson News

On Tuesday night, the LIV Golf League finally announced

who would be participating in its inaugural event.

Among the 42 names announced on Tuesday was an absolute stunner.

Dustin Johnson, a two-time major champion, is in the field for the first LIV event taking place in London.

The golfing world couldn't quite believe it.

They think the money involved was a major part of DJ's decision.

Others are looking forward to seeing DJ in a completely new setting.

"I am particularly looking forward to Dustin Johnson, team captain, choosing between

Phachara Khongwatmai, Sihwan Kim and Ryosuke Kinoshita ... to round out his team," one golf reporter said.

It's a stunning revelation because earlier this year, Johnson affirmed his commitment to the PGA Tour.