Billie Jean King - the greatest sports stars in history

Billie Jean King is one of the most successful professional athletes of all time.

She was the first woman to win a Grand Slam tennis title,

 and she also won six Wimbledon Championships and four U.S. Open titles.

She's also one of only seven people ever to win both an Olympic gold medal

and a world championship in individual athletic competition.

King's legacy extends beyond just her athletic achievements, though.

She has been an advocate for gender equality and HIV/AIDs awareness,

and she has worked tirelessly to promote positive body image and healthy living for young people.

She is also a passionate advocate for mental health awareness

and has spoken about her own experience with depression and bipolar disorder.

Throughout her life, King has shown us that anything is possible

if you set your mind to it - even becoming one of the greatest sports stars in history!