Benedict XVI for his 95th birthday today

The long Holy Saturday life of Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger will mark a final milestone this April 16

Unless he lives until 106, his 95th birthday will be the last time his calendar birthday and his liturgical birthday coincide.

Ratzinger was born in the early hours of Holy Saturday 1927

The practice at the time was to celebrate the Easter vigil in the morning

so baby Joseph was taken to the church within hours of birth to be baptized in the freshly blessed Easter water.

Pope Francis made a special visit to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Wednesday afternoon to offer his best wishes for Easter and for his 95th birthday.

After a brief and affectionate conversation, and after praying together, Pope Francis returned to Casa Santa Marta," said Mr. Bruno.

In 1988, St. John Paul II named the elderly Balthasar a cardinal, but he died two days before the consistory.

“I know he is very happy about it,” shared his private secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein.