Kevin Durant takes another shot at Charles Barkley

To which Durant asks: which legends?

Barkley has taken great pleasure in being a critic of the Brooklyn Nets star

who often has been maligned for joining the Golden State Warriors

where he won a pair championships before leaving for the Nets.

Lately, a feud has ramped up after Barkley criticized Durant for being a “bus rider”

instead of “bus driver” during his time with the Warriors.

That effectively means Steph Curry and, to a lesser degree

Klay Thompson were doing the most important work

and getting all the defensive attention

which allowed for Durant’s success.

“Bus riders, bus drivers, what does that even mean?" Durant said

"We play a team game at the end of the day, and we all play with great players.

But I feel like I can stand out amongst any player

I don’t have to minimize myself, even when I’m around great players.

So no, I’ve never looked at it as I’m riding the bus

because I played a lot of minutes and scored a lot of points for that team.