Letitia James Scores Win Over NRA

New York Attorney General Letitia James took a momentary pause

from her tightening civil investigation of ex-prez Donald Trump’s business financials

to run a quick victory lap around the National Rifle Association.

James’ office has been suing the NRA since 2020

alleging that the nonprofit gun industry lobbying group

which acts as puppet master for many Congressional conservatives

was having its funds plundered so that CEO Wayne LaPierre and other execs could live high on the hog

In fact, the NRA itself recognized many of the same issues

about corporate governance underlying the Attorney General’s investigation.

Within the NRA, whistleblowers “push[ed] for additional documentation and transparency

an effort which was “met with resistance from a handful of its executives and vendors”

One executive “was fired by the NRA for many of the same issues alleged in the Complaint

while the group “became embroiled in litigation” against others who “abused its trust

And in this action, current NRA members have sought leave to intervene to address “concerns

about the NRA’s management by the Individual Defendants and current Board”.