National Pundit Believes Kevin Durant is Done with Kyrie Irving

Colin Cowherd doesn't think Kevin Durant wants to continue to ride the Kyrie Irving roller coaster.

Even in the build up to the Finals, there's still plenty of buzz about the Lakers

and what the roster will look like at the start of next season.

Those questions inevitably lead to a conversation about Russell Westbrook

and whether or not he'll be on the roster come late October.

"KD wants out of Kyrie but he won't say it publicly."

Durant famously recruited Irving to join him in Brooklyn

as free agents in the summer of 2019 and the two reportedly have a close relationship.

Cowherd explained how a Westbrook-for-Kyrie swap might make some sense for Brooklyn

even if Durant doesn't want to share the court with his old Thunder teammate.

He wouldn't have to play with Westbrook. You inherit the contract, don't play him

and then move him at the deadline and you're free.