NBA World Reacts To James Harden's Surprising Decision

James Harden could've exercised his player option for the 2022-23 season

and collected $47.4 million in the process.

Instead, he declined that option.

Harden intends to return to the Philadelphia 76ers on a new deal

that'll give the front office some much-needed financial flexibility to bolster its roster.

In other words, there's no indication Harden plans on leaving the 76ers this offseason.

With that said, a decent portion of the NBA world is surprised he turned down over $47 million.

"James Harden turning down money," one fan tweeted. "We are in our last days."

The other half of the basketball community, however

believes this move shows Harden's commitment to winning a championship.

"Give a ton of credit to James Harden for putting his money

where his mouth is and putting winning first,"

Sean Barnard of Philly Sports Network said