NBA world reacts to Kevin Durant revelation

The Brooklyn Nets had one of the most disappointing ends to the 2021 NBA season of any team

getting swept by the Boston Celtics in their first-round matchup

despite many thinking they could be a contender for a championship run.

It was a shocking result for a team like the Nets with as much star power as they have.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on any team should almost certainly be good enough to get a few wins against the Celtics

but they were clearly overmatched throughout the series.

The somewhat strained relationship between Irving and Brooklyn also seems to be affecting Kevin Durant

as reports have emerged that he has not spoken with the Nets front office since the playoff loss to the Celtics.

It’s his career, but KD’s decision to hitch his wagon to Kyrie has to be one of the more curious decisions I’ve seen by a superstar (after his stints at Cavs/Celtics). But we move. Sandra Ishimwe said

Maybe Kevin Durant will finally fulfill his destiny on the Trail Blazers…@diandraann said