NFL World Reacts To Lamar Jackson Contract Suggestion

Contract negotiations can get tricky

but they might not need to be for Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

NFL insider Josina Anderson thinks Jackson should simply present Deshaun Watson's contract

to the Ravens' front office and ask for $10 million more than what he's getting paid.

"If I'm Lamar Jackson I just put Deshaun Watson's contract on the table

& say do about ten more million than this, five more million than this and we're good!"

It's obviously not that simple, but Anderson makes a good point.

Jackson can use other player contracts as leverage during negotiations.

At that point, the Ravens might not have much of an argument.

However, there's an argument to be made that Watson was overpaid

meaning using his contract as a standard is probably a bit wrong.

"Deshaun reset the QB market but he’s not good enough to have done it," said a fan.

"So now all of these QBs are gonna want Deshaun money when they are just plain good.

They aren’t spectacular or generational, but they’re going to want Deshaun money."