NFL World responds to the latest Deshaun Watson, case report

Deshan Watson and the Cleveland Browns are still awaiting a decision on the star quarterback's suspension.

The decision could come as early as next week, according to NFL analyst Mark Muske of the Washington Post.

"The NFL and NFLPA continue to await the decision of disciplinary judge Sue L. Robinson in the Deshaun Watson case.

A person involved in the case expressed hope for a hearing early in the week is coming,

but admits that there is little clarity about that. composition. " Cover story.

It's been a month since the three days Watson heard about the possible suspension.

Since then, no one has heard more than Judge Sue L. Robinson, the man charged with deciding the quarterback's case.

As Week 1 approaches, the NFL world is preparing for a decision.

"Next week maybe even next year," wrote one fan.

"It's ridiculous that I'm here for it! Qualify for a franchise that has no idea what they're doing!" a few more.

"It's crazy now. Make a decision, figure it out. Live with it. It's still not life or death," said another.