Ryan Clark Hilariously Blasts Draymond Green

After Golden State's crushing defeat in Game 3 of the Finals

the fans and media couldn't help but notice the lack of contribution from Draymond Green

who scored just 2 points in the game before fouling out in the fourth quarter.

league analyst Ryan Clark became the latest to call out Draymond

and bash him for coming up short.

“It’s a problem when J. Cole has a better stat line than Draymond Green,” Clark said.

I know that Draymond Green affects the game in ways the stat sheet doesn't say.

Whether it's boxing out, whether it's energy, whether it's defense.

But it's not all just talk and he's not just flailing around.

He's the guy that starts the offense, gets them in the right positions.

Defensively, he's the guy that brings the physicality.

And when Robert Williams dominates the lane like he did last night, Draymond has to do something."

Of course, Ryan Clark wasn't the only one to blast the Golden State swingman.