Be Aware of the Latest Threats

according to the FBI, Justin Lavelle of BeenVerified, an online background check platform.

Imposter Scams

work the same way. A scammer purporting to be someone you know

QR Code Imposter Scams

cybercriminals are also using legitimate-looking QR codes to direct people to sites that can steal personal data or payments.

IRS Imposter Scams

The latest phone scam even includes caller ID showing the letters 'IRS' when they call.

Coronavirus Scams

Scammers dangled items such as face masks or hand sanitizer and, worst of all, suckered people in by claiming to be a charity

Rent Scams

scammers claiming they could provide money for rent or legal help to avoid eviction — but it's always for money upfront or in exchange for personal information.

Online Shopping Scams

Fraudsters might contact people with claims that there's a package waiting for them if they just click on a link or hand over identification information

Threats to Immigrants or Parents

More fake fears were directed at parents who have been sent photos of their own kids taken from social media, and threats of violence.

Debt Collector Scams

Always refuse to pay a debt without a legally required "validation notice," as well as the name of the creditor

Grandchild Imposter Scam

If you receive a call like this, always reach out to your grandchild's phone number or talk to others who can clarify whether the grandchild really is in trouble and needs help."