Sports world reacts to Serena Williams news

The last time that we saw 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams

play competitive tennis was nearly a year ago at Wimbledon

where she was forced to withdraw from the tournament due to a leg injury.

The all-time tennis great will make return after receiving a wild-card invitation to Wimbledon.

Williams is one of six women given a wild-card spot in the singles draw.

"The stage awaits. Our 7-time champion @serenawilliams will return to Wimbledon

as a wild card this summer for her 21st appearance," Wimbledon announced.

"23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Willams will play at Wimbledon

which has awarded a wild-card invitation," ESPN wrote.

"Serena Williams is BACK, and we're all for it Wimbledon called and the GOAT answered

as she is set to hunt for Grand Slam 24 on a wild-card invite," CPTennis tweeted.

"Serena Williams is 40. Her last completed match was more than a year ago

and there will be 127 women hoping like hell they don't draw her in round one @Wimbledon," Jon Wertheim said.

Serena Williams confirms she is coming back on tour after one year to play Wimbledon

Fantastic news for her fans and tennis in general," said Jose Morgado.

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