Steph Curry Shares Message For Haters at Parade

What can people say about Steph and the Warriors now?

"What they gonna say now?"

That has been Steph Curry's question since acquiring his fourth ring

and first Finals MVP award.

The superstar point guard asked that question again at Monday's championship parade

and also asked Twitter the same thing:

With his previous lack of a Finals MVP award being the one absence in his resume

that haters would reference when attempting to diminish his place on all-time lists

Steph recognizes that the critics have run out of excuses.

Having won before Kevin Durant, with Kevin Durant

and now after Kevin Durant, that narrative has also died along with the Finals MVP one.

The team has rightfully enjoyed every moment of this championship

because while they have been here before, few thought they'd ever return.

. Having defeated a Boston Celtics team that was supposed to be a bad matchup for them

the Warriors were able to prove doubters wrong every day until the very end.

This reality understandably makes the moment sweeter

which is what Steph is relishing in when he asks, "What they gonna say now?"