General Motors renewed its trademark on the Chevelle nameplate in 2013

suggesting a reboot of the classic Chevrolet muscle car was under consideration.

Since then, it's resurrected several historic model names including Hummer and Blazer

but you still haven't been able to buy a new Chevelle.

The car features reshaped fenders and a new front end with quad headlights

twin rectangular grilles and a reimagined version of the Chevelle's chiseled front bumper.

The rear has been lengthened and equipped with a new trunk lid and square taillights

while a removable hardtop is available for those who prefer coupe styling.

The interior is mostly carryover from the Camaro, but features retro 1970's style upholstery and a trellis shifter lever.

Prices start at $150,000 and include a 450 hp 6.2-liter V8, but it can also be ordered with 900 horsepower

and 1,500 horsepower supercharged engines that breathe through a pop-up cowl induction system.

While Trans Am Worldwide owns the rights to the Trans Am name

it won't be using Chevelle for its new car