CNN received a 282-page letter from former President Trump.

The "level of intent" in the lawsuit includes several past tapes and online reports of ongoing coverage against Trump.

However, there is one line that stands apart; He added that Trump "unequivocally believes

that the results of the 2020 presidential election resulted in fraudulent elections in several major states.

Trump has long opposed the flag and called for it to be changed to allow for more media coverage.

Ironically, even liberals such as Harvard professor Cass Sunstein have called for widespread defamation to tackle "fake news".

However, the court did not accept the call.

The purpose of this standard is to make defamation more powerful and to give journalists "an outlet" to play their role in our system.

CNN reports that some reports of Trump lying about election fraud are protected opinions.

Other stories are based on expert opinion or sources.

In any case, the statement "I think this is true" cannot be defended against defamation.

The question is whether the CNN knows whether it is bad or thinks it is bad or good.