what is DART Mission by NASA 

what is DART Mission by NASA 

The DART (Distant Array Transmitter and Radio Telescope) Mission is a major undertaking by NASA

that will allow astronomers to study the universe in unprecedented detail.

The Mission consists of two main components: the Spaceborne Wideband Antenna and the Ground-based Amplified Reconnaissance Radar (GARB).

The Spaceborne Wideband Antenna, or SWAAT, is a giant antenna made up of more than 10,000 individual elements that will be deployed into space.

Once in orbit, it will give astronomers an unparalleled view of cosmic radio waves from all over the universe.

GARB is a ground-based radar system that will help scientists image large portions of sky at once. By combining data from both sensors,

they can create detailed maps of galaxy clusters and distant galaxies.