U.S. Department of Justice study found that “as many as 4,600 children were kidnapped by non-family members nationwide in 1988

more than 100,000 were the target of attempted kidnappings, mainly by passing motorists.

Of those 4,600 children, “between 200 and 300 were chronically missing or killed

23-year-old Michelle Lodzinski, at a game in Sailville, NJ on May 25, 1991 Missing at the carnival

Michelle Lodzinski is currently out of jail after serving nearly six years for the murder of her 5-year-old son Timothy Wiltsey in 1991

Both the story and the case itself are twisty and confusingly lie

it’s clear that Michelle Lodzinski has made many bad decisions in life, but no killer makes mistakes

According to My Central Jersey, “When the FBI and police found Timothy’s scattered remains

a skull and fragments of bones from his jaw, arms and legs – he had been dead for months, his body Submerged in water

Death was never determined and it was treated as manslaughter.

the New Jersey Supreme Court, they decided to “review an unprecedented re-examination of Lozinski’s conviction and add a ‘tie’ as the court hears the case again